What they are telling us on LinkedIn--July 2022

By Paperitalo Staff

What they are telling us on LinkedIn--July 2022

The answers keep pouring in...

When should you arrive for an important meeting or video (or conference) call?

1,848 folks took a look at this question and 72 provided answers. Five minutes ahead of time--56%. Fifteen minutes ahead of time--44%. Other choices were one half hour and exactly on time, both of which received zero votes.


1,853 took at look at this question: Do you think your employer should be involved in politics. 53 bothered to vote. 19%--Yes. 81%--No. One of the most definitive questions we've asked.


Huge viewership--2,473 with a whopping 101 responding to the question, do you still use a land line? No--60%. At work--23%. At home--9%. At work and home--8%.

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