The Obamacare Decision

James R. Thompson, Executive Editor

Think the Obamacare decision has nothing to do with the pulp and paper industry?

Think again. Besides the obvious effects on pulp and paper industry employers and employees, there was something else in the bill that affects us. It takes away the black liquor tax credit. Yes, folks, part of the way the "Affordable Care Act" was made affordable was to count repealing the black liquor tax credit enjoyed by U.S. pulp mills. Of course, this affects pulp mills around the world, for it affects competitive costs. We have never been in favor of the black liquor tax credit, but it is ironic that it plays a role in the health care decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Many actions in life and business have unintended consequences. The health care law just showed us an obscure way this happens. The lesson is to always be on the lookout for these.


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