The Final Word by Jim Thompson

At least that is what I called it when I told my employees what I was going to do. A particular consulting assignment of mine requires me to go to Niagara Falls, New York once per month. In May, the round trip airline ticket was about USD 200. This month, they want nearly USD 700. Now, the client pays the bill, and this is free enterprise at work (after all, it is the month of weddings and Niagara Falls is still a honeymoon destination). However, two can play at this game and I like to give my clients great value, no matter if it is a pass through. So I am going to try Megabus. USD 67 each way. Weird? Maybe (there is a fine line between unique and weird). However, Megabus does not seem to be your parents’ old Greyhound. We’ll see; I’ll have some fun and report back on the experience next time.