The Final Word by Jim Thompson

It has been reported the Fortune 500 are sitting on more cash than any time in history, measured by any method one chooses. This is not a good economic sign. Yes, it is good they are holding healthy balance sheets, but this indicates in the current economic conditions they haven’t a clue as to how to put this money to work. It is also a clue that another breed of financier, the “green mailers” of the 1980s, are not about, either. For in those days, companies learned not to keep cash, for these types would raid the companies, via the stock market, and syphon off the cash for their own projects. More than anything, the economy needs a clear vision of what the future holds. It is the responsibility of the politicians worldwide to provide this vision and until they do so, the cash will stay in the mattress, so to speak, delaying expansion and job creation.