The Final Word by Helen Roush

Helen Roush, Executive Vice President of Paperitalo Publications

The Final Word by Helen Roush

The pulp and paper industry is being bashed once again.

In a recent article from Time, it stated that there is an increased demand for corrugated, and that companies are "rushing to build pulp mills and box factories to meet demand."

The article then goes on to state that "making paper products is a smelly operation, and as more box factories expand into U.S. neighborhoods, there's come a pushback from people who don't want to be downwind of an American manufacturing revival."

The article describes lawsuits filed against New-Indy "a company that converted a paper mill to make containerboard, saying the conversion has made the air dangerous and unhealthy; the state received more than 17,000 complaints of noxious odors from citizens near the New-Indy plant in the first half of this year, which it calls an unprecedented number."

The article further mentions a lawsuit against Graphic Packaging by residents who "say the mill has discharged discrete and offensive noxious odors, air particulates, and fugitive dust into the air."

The article failed to mention that pulp and paper manufacturers use air pollution control systems and meet air quality standards or that the EPA has National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Helen Roush is Executive Vice President of Paperitalo Publications.