Stora Enso Denies Blame for Harvests in Old-Growth Forests

Helsinki, Finland 12 March 2007 -- Stora Enso does not destroy old-growth forests, as was claimed by Greenpeace earlier today. According to the Group's wood procurement principles, Stora Enso does not purchase wood from old-growth forests as defined in national stakeholder processes, unless the purchases are clearly in line with the national conservation regulations.

Stora Enso is not the primary operator in northern Finland. The Finnish State, through its enterprise Metsähallitus, owns and logs forests in the region. These areas in Forest Lapland have not been defined as old-growth in the national stakeholder process. According to the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the ecological values of Forest Lapland have been safeguarded through an extraordinary network of conservation and wilderness areas, which exceeds international requirements. In addition, the forest industry is a significant employer and generator of economic welfare in Lapland.

Stora Enso will handle the question of wood procurement from Forest Lapland at its Annual General Meeting on 29 March 2007, as proposed by three shareholders.