Sino-Forest Corporation Addresses Increased Share Trading Activity

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 21 September 2007 -- /PRNewswire/ -- At the request of Market Surveillance on behalf of the Toronto Stock Exchange and in response to a recent increase in trading volume and trading prices, Sino-Forest Corporation (TSX:TRE and TRE.S) today confirmed that it is not aware of any undisclosed material changes relating to the company or its business.

About Sino-Forest Corporation

Sino-Forest Corporation is a leading commercial forestry plantation operator in China. The Canadian company started its operations in 1994 and was the first foreign and privately managed operator involved in forest products in China. Its principal businesses include the ownership and management of forestry plantation trees and sales of standing timber, logs, and wood chips, and complementary manufacturing of downstream engineered-wood products. The Corporation's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TRE since 1995.

Source: Sino-Forest Corporation