Mayhew Asset Management

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, 12 November 2009 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mayhew Asset Management today announced the launch of the Mayhew Timber Fund I, LLC, a new and unique way for substantial investors to invest in global timberland.

The fund, with a minimum investment of USD 500,000, will invest directly in RMK Timberland Group’s Global Timberland Fund, which normally requires minimums of USD 5 million or more. RMK, a Timberland Investment Management Organization since 1981, invests in global timberland for clients that include Alcoa, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and the University of Alabama Foundation.

The Mayhew Timber Fund will generate returns through RMK’s purchase of timberland, management of the forests, sale of the timber, and finally sale of the properties. It is anticipated that the properties will be located in South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the United States.

The Mayhew Timber Fund I, LLC is offered directly from the investment advisor, Mayhew Asset Management, LLC. For more information, visit

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