Fire Chief debating contacting Ministry over 'dangerous fires' at Cascades paper mill

ONTARIO (From news reports) -- Quinte West Fire Chief John Whelan says ongoing fires at Trenton's Norampac paper mill are dangerous and he is contemplating calling the Ministry of Labour.

Crews were called to the Cascades containerboard packaging facility at 4:35 a.m. Tuesday morning (Aug. 13) where they remain on scene putting out a fire in the dryer area.
"I'm debating whether or not to call the Ministry of Labour, because you don't have industries when you have a fire once a month," Whelan said in an interview. "They are dangerous too these fires."
He said paper buildup in the ducts and it catches fire.
"They can't get it out and it's a dangerous facility for firefighting in my opinion," he continued. "We've had one a month, four real good ones for the last four months."
Whelan said he is meeting with the plant manager Tuesday morning and will provide more updates once they become available.

There are no reported injuries in the fire.

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