Eagle Materials Inc.

Dallas, Texas, USA, 18 November 2008  -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The board of directors of Eagle Materials Inc. (NYSE: EXP), has declared a quarterly cash dividend of USD 0.10 per share, payable on 23 January 2009, to stockholders of record of its Common Stock at the close of business on 23 December 2008.

The board's decision to adjust Eagle's quarterly cash dividend is in line with Eagle's strategy to increase financial flexibility during these times of economic uncertainty. Eagle remains profitable and is well positioned for improved financial results when economic, residential, and commercial construction market conditions improve. Eagle believes dedication to strong financial health and flexibility is conservative in the short-term and will better position Eagle to take advantage of opportunities over the long-term.

Eagle Materials Inc. is a Dallas-based company that manufactures and distributes cement, gypsum wallboard, recycled paperboard, and concrete and aggregates.